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A glimmer of hope

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After i lost my tank and all but the fish and a few hammers and a torches I thought I was done. I really miss my tank. That said, I'm in talks with a builder and I think I'm almost over the grief to start thinking of a new tank. This time I'm considering a custom ctc overflow and returns as well as a custom sump. The builder has given me many options and ideas and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I have a question for you and Marc I'm especially asking you. Do you feel confident with the black acrylic panel in the tank now and how do you keep it free of algae and coraline without scratching the s**t out of it?

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  1. melev's Avatar
    The black acrylic panel in my 400g has a 3/4" gap on both ends, which is filled with black silicone. I scrape it clean with a credit card (hotel key card) and it has never scratched. The silicone is there to avoid any issue by the acrylic absorbing water (3% supposedly), and the tank has been going strong for three years next month.

    Glad to hear you are getting another tank. I know it made you really happy all these years.