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very scary power outage.

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around 9 pm the power went out on my block because a transformer blew up and my 180 gallon reef was barley prepared. its now 230 in the morning and i just got the power back on. inspected everything and seems to be just fine, but when the power blew out around nine, the only thing i had to cover my tank was a "silent air". i bleive this littlee batterie opperated machine just saved my reef tank, all it takes is to batteries and it pumps oxygen into the tank. whew that was scary. i was up checking the tank for anything to go wrong since it was all just stagnent water, but everything is good! wooot woot!

so i give the "silent air" air pump a thumbs up way to go. if there is anything else i could have done except run a genorater, please feel free to let me knkow. thanks guys.

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  1. melev's Avatar
    I'm glad your tank is okay. Battery powered air pumps are definitely the way to go if you have nothing else.

    I prefer to get the return pump running to keep the circulation up in my system. That way the water isn't stagnant in any zone, including the sump, overflows, and refugium. As the water drains down, it mixes with oxygen. If you can keep your return pump running, that would be ideal.

    When I had my 29g, I had an APC 1500 that would keep the Mag 5 return pump running for about 5 or 6 hours. On my 55g, I had another APC 1500 to keep a Tunze Turbelle running in the display tank. That 800gph powerhead would maintain flow in the display for 8 or 9 hours. Once an hour, I'd take water out of the sump and pour it into the display to get some minimal circulation and avoid water temperature shift and stagnation. For my 280g, I have batteries connected to the Vortech pumps, and a generator. If the power is out for an hour, the generator is hooked up until power is restored. That way I can run almost everything.