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    lol. 3W RGB led from china $0.07 not that expensive... my big issue will be sorting out the shift register(s) and how to get em all working together. i will be adding a branch to your google code once i've got the hardware all here and i can get something working.
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    1 more thing, i cannot locate the thread you were talking about with hardware details, although im not so sure that really matters anymore as i'm thinking of just using the 1mos driver style i've used before to switch the +12v line to the LEDs unless i finally cave to my urges to use RGB leds as i was thinking a small thread of red in the sunrise/sunset would be nice. lol. before i sound any MORE like an ADD kid i'll shutup, but let me know what you think of the RGB idea.
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    haha, finally had the time to find you, thought you might want to know, that im taking the arduino project of mine way past just the lights. decided using i2C and a lot of work i can build an entire tank management system, but before i delve into the lighting add-on/etc i wanted your permission to base my work from your code (and you'd receive FULL credit). let me know before i hunt down your hardware setup. thanks.
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    Thank you for that, I really appreciate it. And I agree completely, as you can imagine.
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Full Tank Shots May 2014

by snorkeler on 06-22-2014 at 11:17 AM
I've been wanting to blog for a while now, but boy... is being a father of 3 like a hurricane, or what? Kids are great but they sure do drain a lot of energy from me & mrs.

I took these FTS pictures on May 15th to show how the reef looked as it approaches 5 years of age, with little changes in the overall setup. Little did I know that shortly after it I would have a "vodka party" in the tank, with a few casualties:

Right side:

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Tank Entry

Balling equipment isses, take 3

by snorkeler on 12-09-2013 at 03:48 PM
Back in Nov 17th I posted about some issues I had with my Balling dosing pump+hose. Well... those were not the last of my issues.

On Dec 1st, I was greeted with this "beautiful" view as I opened the cabinet where ATO and Balling reside:

Not good huh?

Initial inspection, turning the pump on and observing, revealed the silicone hose had burst open, with a hole pointing towards the cabinet wall.


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Aiptasias did survive in the sump

by snorkeler on 12-09-2013 at 03:18 PM
Back in Jan 6th I posted a blog about how Aiptasias had apparently been eradicated from my tank, since I hadn't had peppermint shrimp for 2 months and no Aiptasias were found neither in my sump nor in my DT.

Well, up until Oct 9th, when I added peppermint shrimp to the tank again no Aiptasias had appeared in the DT nor in the sump.

But, on Nov 24th I spotted this in my sump:

Yep, Aiptasia. So, either that one was hiding

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New critter in substrate, apparently a Chiton, safe

by snorkeler on 11-17-2013 at 02:24 PM
Today I noticed a different form in the substrate, one I'd never seen before. The tank is 4 years old, so that was quite a surprise. I must have imported himwith the rocks and creatures I added on 9/Oct .

I recalled seeing something similar in shape in "What Invertebrates?: A Buyer's Guide for Marine Aquariums", which is a simple book but good enough for basic aquarists like me. The thing that looks like the picture is a Chiton, which the book says is safe. Looks like

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Tank Entry

Dosing pump hose slipped out, KH mess in cabinet, fix

by snorkeler on 11-17-2013 at 02:03 PM
This happened three weeks ago, but I thought it important to blog so others doing Balling out there might watch out for similar situations.

The thin hose that connects into my peristaltic doing pump's flexible tubing slipped out of it, the KH hose to be exact, and as a result KH liquid was squirted into the cabinet where it sits...

Actually, it happened twice. The first time I caught it some 8 to 10 hours after it slipped. Damage/mess was minimal. The second time, well,

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