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  1. Reef Addicts

    Soooo... we're done here? Marc? Hello? Anyone?
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  2. sump

    I have an appointment this Saturday with the tank builder to finalize the sump design. Really excited! Stand is done and powder coated black. I plan to skin it anyway so the color didn't matter much to me. We are trying to figure out how to plumb the Genesis Pro system as well as the Lifereef calcium reactor and skimmer.
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  3. restart

    Well, I have committed to a new tank, stand and sump. Tank will be a custom 72 long, 24 tall, 30 deep. Sump is still in the works but will be 60 long, 20 tall and 24 deep. Stand will only be 30 tall this time. I'll be using all the equipment from the previous tank minus the Lifereef sump and overflow. Those will be used for a 65 gal quarantine system in th basement sump room. Lots of work and planning still to do
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  4. A glimmer of hope

    After i lost my tank and all but the fish and a few hammers and a torches I thought I was done. I really miss my tank. That said, I'm in talks with a builder and I think I'm almost over the grief to start thinking of a new tank. This time I'm considering a custom ctc overflow and returns as well as a custom sump. The builder has given me many options and ideas and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I have a question for you and Marc I'm especially asking you. Do you feel confident with the black acrylic panel ...
  5. I'm out.

    Sometime last night the rf seam on my 180 gal reef let go. Scrambling to save the fish. one loss so far. 95% of the coral, mostly sps total loss. I need to get more big tubs and trying to cobble together a system to save whats left for sale later.
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