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  1. Need help identifing this type of algae and how to resolve please

    I have this algae that I have been trying to fight for a few months. I have tried to do the lights out for 3 days and all of my parameters are almost dead on with acception of my calcium thats at 450. I am running carbon and my phosophates are at 0.0.
    Now the algea is starting to grow on my corals and is starting to break off and float around the tank. I need help and hope that anyone here could help me identify this kind of algae. I am running radion pros that come on at 1 pm and turn off ...
  2. Clown fish advise

    How many clown fish can go into a 195 gallon tank? I have one that's 9 years old and one that's about 3 years old. I would like to get 2 black ice clowns. Is it possible to have 4 in my tank
  3. 195 Update

    It has been a long time since i have updated my build. Before starting a lot has happened over the last year and a half. I have changed jobs, welcomed our new addition to my family with a handsome son and moved into my fiances home.
    Since spring i have built a 9 by 9 foot filter room in the basement where all of my equipment is at. For my tank equipment I went with 3 ecotech radion pros, 2 vortech mp40's, reef octopus xp3000 ext skimmer, bubble magnus dosing pump, tunzes ato, dart return ...
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  4. The 195 build

    Hello everyone. I am almost done with my 195 build and going to be ordering the live sand and salt to start mixing. I just ordered 195lbs of dry pukani rock for the DT. I am looking for some advice on what's the best way to kick start the cycling? I am think about putting all rock on trash can with salt water for a couple weeks to test phosphate to see if any is leaching out of the rock and if necessary add gfo to absorb any. I have a 60 gallon cube in filter room to hold rock as well. Since ...
  5. Can you over skim a reef aquarium?

    I am still in the middle of purchasing equipment for my 195 build, and also moving in with my girlfriend. I have a 195 gallon DT and in basement I will be having a
    48 x 24 x 18 tall sump working with about 50 gallon constant capable of holding 85 gallons along with a separate 90 gallon as a Refugium. I am planning on purchasing a super reef octopus 6000 ext protein skimmer, used for tanks up to 600 gallons. Would I be safe or would I be over skimming? If I am over skimming would that be ...
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