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  1. Hello marc, thanks for the info in the po4 and red algae.
    I would like to buy from your website. I go to melesreef and looked for it but all I see for sale ro and rodi units. We're at on the site is the phosphate rx and red slime rx located?
  2. You need to upload your images somewhere. You can attach images to the main blog entry by clicking the picture frame icon in the editor, and if you are trying to add a picture in a comment / reply field, you can only post the URL to where it is hosted. Free sites like Photobucket allow you to upload and share those images on multiple sites.

    You can add images in your own Gallery here on RA, and then under the image there will be a URL to copy and paste into your blog entries.
  3. How do I apply the pic? I copy and pasted it but didn't show up when I posted it. Just showed a question mark...
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