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RO/DI tubing run

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To get RO/DI water from my utility room to the new fishroom, I decided I'd run tubing through the false ceiling area above my kitchen cabinets. It's maybe 9' of cabinet area, with space to run some PVC pipe as a guide to push the 1/4" poly tubing the direction I needed it. This is the stuff used for icemakers and to get drinking water from the fridge, sold at Home Depot.

The first thing was to break out the forensic gear and determine the trajectory of the dual-hydrogen-singular-Oxygen transport facilitator.

Once determined, a secondary hole was made.

Inserting a long section of PVC, my son guided it under flashlight conditions to align with the hole. This allowed me to feed the 1/4" tubing all the way to where he stood in the fishroom.

The upper section over the cabinets (picture below) is where that tubing traverses, and I chose this area because I knew it would never be freezing cold. This section is protected by sheetrock and blown-in insulation in the attic area.

To keep things tidy, I installed a gang box and cover plate. A coaxial cable cover plate's hole was too large, so I got a flat blank plate instead. I'll drill it for the proper size myself.

When ready, I'll connect this tubing to the Boosted RO/DI system to fill the top off barrel and the saltwater reservoir. One tiny issue arose during this install; the tubing kinked so I decided to buy another 25' roll to replace the first run. The one thing I wanted was to make sure water never leaked in the ceiling, which is why there are no connections used. It will either leak at the RO/DI system or in the fishroom, but not in the area between the two. The tubing only cost $2.50, so replacing it wasn't a concern. I still have the first purchase and can use it for something else in the future, I'm sure.

Tomorrow, I'll get the last of the studs installed to extend that wall closer to the tank, install some electrical boxes, and sheetrock it.

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Updated 11-19-2010 at 10:32 PM by melev



  1. Reefski's Avatar
    thanks for documenting your remodel with such great photos. are you doing virtually all the work yourself? i'm tired just looking at all the work that little leak has led to!
  2. melev's Avatar
    Yes, it's all about DIY. I was talking to a friend in Austin and he asked why I didn't hire someone to do my sheetrock, and I told him "after pouring the slab of concrete myself, do you really think I'd get someone else to do the sheetrocking? Seriously?"
  3. dread240's Avatar
    Your RO tubing run tops mine... I was lazy and just ran it under the house since i'm a rancher. I did however make sure to keep it near the area of the heatpump though so that it wouldn't freeze up if temps got too cold
  4. canyousee's Avatar
    One thing is for sure after looking at recent pictures of your living room,kitchen and other pictures of the inside of the house you are not married! LOL ( that's a good thing)
  5. Midnight's Avatar
    Hey Marc, besides being Gainfully employed by MelevsReef, what does your son do. He seems to be a jack of all trades just like his daddy. Hey Canyousee, I think he is divorced, he chose coral over his wife, lol.
  6. melev's Avatar
    He's going to college and works as a waiter at Charleston's here in Fort Worth. I've been trying to show him how things work for a number of years now so that he can fix things himself when he gets his own home.