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My new frag tank is online!

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I've gradually been putting together the frag tank over the past month or so. It's finally online. I love its look, and how it is tied into the 400g reef.

It's a cute little thing, 22" x 13" x 8" with a 1" Durso drain in a 5" x 5" corner overflow. The locline feeding into the frag tank is adorable, I've never seen such tiny locline before. It's got a 1/4" outlet. The tank holds just under 10g of water.

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It didn't take me long to add some treasure.

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The tank is lit with a 14,000K Evolution LED fixture from Reefkoi. This fixture has two power cords, allowing me to have a 20,000K look, a 10,000K look or a 14,000K look simply by selecting which LEDs are on. I really like the all white look best, but can enjoy the blue hue if the desire hits me.

I'm using sliced Marco Rock that I picked up in Oklahoma last fall. Some of it was siliconed to the back wall to obscure the view of the plumbing behind the tank. A tiny layer of sand was added, taken from the 400g reef. This frag tank will not be set up like most people run them. I wanted a pretty biotope with a few frags, not a frag tank designed to propagate for selling. It'll have some mangroves, some of that neat Macro algae I got in Florida, perhaps some feather dusters, my suncorals and a few tiny frags that need some TLC or that accidentally snap off when working in my main reef.

I may put the Mp10 Vortech on this tank, if it needs it. The flow coming out of the 1/4" locline is creating decent ripples and the valve is barely open. This feed is coming from manifold pluming connected to my second Dart pump. The frag tank drains into the refugium zone.

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  1. debdp's Avatar
    That looks great. Where in the fish room have you got it?
  2. melev's Avatar
    It is on top of the power center, just beneath the external overflow. When you enter the fishroom, it is directly on your right.
  3. matt_longview's Avatar
  4. dahenley's Avatar
    i like the chest of gold!
  5. partman1969's Avatar
    Always jealous!!! My boss and I consider you a reef god, though she has no desire or time to own a reef tank, she does know talent when she sees it.
  6. Bobbywade's Avatar
    This is a very nice setup in person nicely thought out and built!!
  7. agsansoo's Avatar
    Nice setup ! Is that a blue tang sighting ?
  8. Midnight's Avatar
    I believe after careful inspection that the tang is decoration.
  9. melev's Avatar
    Yes, those are there for my personal enjoyment.