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A taste of Basel, Switzerland - Part 5

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This is the final entry regarding the city of Basel. The night before we left town, we went to Circus Knie. Again, your seating was predetermined when purchasing tickets. And it started right on time. It was nice to see the animals and the gymnasts do their stunts, but my swiss-german wasn't up to speed to the point that I could follow some of the running jokes regarding the feud between Zurich and Basel residents. The audience loved it though.

Another favorite treat of mine is marzipan, and usually I see it in every shape, style and color. I was on the hunt during those three days to see the variety, but found very little actually. It's hard to imagine that June is an off-month, but perhaps it is more of a winter offering. Breakfast at Frey's was nice, but even they had hardly any marzipan on display. It was nice to have a Schoki wegge (Croissant filled with bits of swiss chocolate) with my coffee, and see the Bahnhof (train station) across the road.

It was great to visit 'home' again.

And from the Tinguely Brunnen (perpetual motion fountain) I posted in Part 4, here's nice clip I found that isn't mine:

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  1. Jnarowe's Avatar
    trained Llamas? I don't believe it.

    Marzipan is definitely WAY more popular during the Holidays. We carry it all year at our store, but the supply is much better during the Fall and Winter months. So now we have about 10 - 15 marzipan items, whereas during the holidays it's much more like 50.
  2. canyousee's Avatar
    Thank you very much for sharing your trip with us .Between the bread chocolate and sausage I would have gained 20 pounds on the trip,food looks so fresh and delicious.