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Coral Death Update

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Water changes do not seem to be helping what so ever and all parameters are still testing good. whatever is killing corals in my tank has even the zoas and xenia looking sick and my smaller frags of monti caps that just so happened to be low laying and bleached out now as of this morning so as of right now I have 4 different species of coral death confirmed by this unknown killer still no sign of distress in the fish but I fear it is only a matter of time before I have a full on dead tank on my hands.Click image for larger version

Name:	photo (1).JPG
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ID:	6738above the toadstool used to be completely covered in blue snowflake polypsClick image for larger version

Name:	photo (2).JPG
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ID:	6739the xenia is clearly distressed in this photoClick image for larger version

Name:	photo (3).JPG
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ID:	6740you can see the small orange monti bleaching in this photoClick image for larger version

Name:	photo.JPG
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ID:	6741

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  1. blennyman's Avatar
    Ug. You have some really nice corals. I'm sorry to hear of the troubles.
  2. Hat39406's Avatar
    Hey Cyano sorry bro! Just a couple of thoughts:
    Could have ya baby/child throw something in ya tank/sump youve been overlooking?
    Have maybe while cleaning house ya wife's been spraying chemicals near or by ya tank?
    Have you checked the temp of the tank? Maybe termostat went out.
    Have you start using any new chemical lately in the tank?
    Have you put any new livestock in the tank? Maybe they are irritating the corals.

    Just a couple thought to get ya thinking out the box. I will say a prayer the it stops and ya tank goes back to normal. I know how ya feel, I lost a lot of corals and wounded a bunch in the move. Not fun!

  3. cyano's Avatar
    me too blenny I wish I could figure out the problem so at the very least we all have the knowledge of the actual cause, possible fixes, and preventative measures. It is a painful process to watch your beloved corals slowly die away.

    Hat I really appreciate the thoughts and options you have given me to consider, unfortunately all those have also been considered and dismissed by me I have a child lock on the door to the sump, my wife doesn't spray anything but I have instructed her to stop lighting a scented candle she burns in here, thermostat is good and the temp stays between 79 and 81.

    There has been no new additions to the tank and I have not started dosing anything new I am considering dosing ChemiClean as a way to possibly kill any harmful bacteria that may be doing the damage but other than that I am out of ideas, I have noticed though that it seems to do a lot of damage after the lights go off so I am running my lights an hour longer as of today.

    I pray that no one has to go through this and that my larger corals are healthy enough to fend off whatever is doing the damage.
  4. Electrobes's Avatar
    Going through the checklist:
    - Your general params are normal... calc, mag, and alk? What are they out of curiosity?
    - Have any of the fish been affected.. any seem stressed or died during this time?
    - What's the age of the tank, especially the rocks and sand bed? This is important for something like phosphate absorption that may now be leeching back out... what's your phosphate at?
    - What's the origin of the rock and sand? Did you get them as fresh (Meaning new and never being in a tank) products or no?
    - What are the ages of the bulbs and how new are the corals? Did you move some of the corals for a rockscape change... moving them higher or lower than they originally were to the lights?
  5. cyano's Avatar
    ammonia, nitrate, nitrite : 0
    calcium 480
    magnesium 1350
    alk 9 dkh
    ph 8.2 average
    salinity 1.024 (with refractometer)
    phosphate 0

    tank has been up and running for about a year been moved once about 5 months ago, bulbs were just changed right before thanksgiving. gulf rock is what is in my tank 100lbs of it was live rock anything else that has been put in since has been dried out scrubbed off live rock, the newest coral is the duncan which has yet to be affected, all others have been in there for at least 6 months and I had most of them in my nano before this tank no corals have been moved

    all fish seem fine with no losses, no heavy breathing, and no signs of distress
  6. twomonsters's Avatar
    Stray Voltage?
  7. cyano's Avatar
    i would not know on that one, where to start, symptoms?
  8. Electrobes's Avatar
    That popped in my head during church. Though I don't think this is the issue but did you replace all the bulbs at the same time. When you moved did you clean out the sand bed and rocks?
  9. twomonsters's Avatar
    Its probably not, but it doesn't hurt
  10. cyano's Avatar
    @electrobes yes everything got cleaned and after a cyano bloom and a small diatom bloom everything leveled out and has been good for months now and yes I changed them all at the same time but also I turned the lighting period way down and worked it back up. and they were changed a month ago.

    @reef addict I will give a read and see if it helps any, thx for the link
  11. MarcG's Avatar
    Usually when i see Xenia like that in my pico the first things I check are salinity and ALK.
    How old is you ALK test kit?
    When was the last time you calibrated your refractometer?

    Double check your numbers with a LFS to be sure.
  12. cyano's Avatar
    Well for an update it looks like the xenia and zoas fought off whatever it was pretty well and they are back to being close to old form, the toadstool leather's polyps are at full length again, I am still seeing losses of blue snowflake polyps but it seems to be slowing down a little, and I have not seen any changes in my duncan, branching hammer, galaxea, gsp, mushrooms, or candy coral, as well my larger monti caps up higher in the tank seem to be unaffected and I am crossing my fingers that remains the case.

    I took out all of my powerheads and cleaned them one of them for some reason was not working after a feeding and the other one had caulerpa toxifica taking root on it (the biggest reason for a removal and cleaning). after a good scrubbing and soaking, then another scrubbing, and a final drying and RO water soak it was ready to go back in. since then i have noticed less issues and deaths so I wonder if it was that caulerpa which is toxic that was causing problems?
  13. melev's Avatar
    Running fresh carbon can help remove toxins. Toxins can come from plants, animals, and of course pollutants.