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Cowrie laying eggs

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I've had this cowrie for a few years now, but today I saw something I'd not seen before. It seems to be laying eggs. It was mostly on the glass, but leaning on the cleaning magnet in the upper left corner of the tank.

This is a heavily contrasted image to help see what the stuff looks like exactly. Not exactly shells, it seems.

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  1. pepper'scove's Avatar
    Whoa, too cool!
  2. evoracer's Avatar
    Gotta love free livestock!
  3. maroun.c's Avatar
    that would be a lot of cowries!!!!
    Do you have another cowrie in the tank for those eggs to be fertile???
  4. blakew's Avatar
    Neat. The "new" tank must be healthy with all these spawning and egg laying events you're having.
  5. melev's Avatar
    You'd think, right Blake? But my cherished SPS look like hell for the most part. I just finished mixing up 250g of saltwater, and I'm trying to decide how big a water change I want to do.
  6. blakew's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that Marc. I would have thought that volume of water would be reasonably stable. You think it is the water, or maybe one of those angels picking at things?
  7. melev's Avatar
    I'm not sure at the moment. Though the angels are known to cause turmoil, so the question is if my feedings will break them of their habits and allow my reef to grow in. I have another stuff happening that I can't quite explain. We'll see.