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I'm out.

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Sometime last night the rf seam on my 180 gal reef let go. Scrambling to save the fish. one loss so far. 95% of the coral, mostly sps total loss. I need to get more big tubs and trying to cobble together a system to save whats left for sale later.

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  1. FinishingLast's Avatar
    That is brutal and sorry to hear. I'm assuming glass? I know acrylic can fail as well, but I won't go near glass for that very reason. I'm terrified of that kind of thing happening.
  2. melev's Avatar
    Oh no!!! So sorry to read this. I hate these kinds of stories.
  3. brotherd's Avatar
    Still in damage control for the house. Survivors have to wait I'm afraid.
  4. melev's Avatar
    What's the latest?
  5. steve8855's Avatar
    o no that sucks. that's y I keep my tank in the basement near the drain just in case. This way it minimizes the damage to the house. Don't let it make you Quit the hobby.
  6. brotherd's Avatar
    The dead tank sits on the stand awaiting removal. My wife talked me out of pulling the plug on the hobby but it's really heart breaking to lose almost everything that I've tried to grow and keep all my wet pets healthy and happy. I've got most of the fish and some rock that made it in a 65 gal tank in my basement fish room. I tried to save any coral that was still wet when I discovered the disaster but they are all fading away. Marc, I don't know how you recovered from your disaster.