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Well, I have committed to a new tank, stand and sump. Tank will be a custom 72 long, 24 tall, 30 deep. Sump is still in the works but will be 60 long, 20 tall and 24 deep. Stand will only be 30 tall this time. I'll be using all the equipment from the previous tank minus the Lifereef sump and overflow. Those will be used for a 65 gal quarantine system in th basement sump room. Lots of work and planning still to do

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  1. melev's Avatar
    Why are you making the sump so tall? I'd suggest 16" tall, especially with a 30" tall stand. You need some room to work down there.
  2. brotherd's Avatar
    You are right. But the sump will have about 7 feet of head room. I should have clarified that the sump will be in the basement. I'm going that large for future considerations