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Not what I would do

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Had a surprise guest tonight. I was working on something and he and his wife showed up at my door to visit. My tanks were all less than stellar because I haven't cleaned the glass lately, and it occurred to him that he could try using his iPhone 7 Plus to take some underwater pictures. My frag tank is low enough for an easy test. So here are three he shared.

Name:  chalice-fragtank.jpg
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Name:  hammer-fragtank.jpg
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I did say underwater, right? Here's proof.

Name:  iphone7-in-water.jpg
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Crazy, right? You can't touch the screen underwater, but once in camera mode, he can use the volume button as a shutter button. Gotta say, the pictures looked pretty good to me. He rinsed off the phone in some tap water and dried it off. Oh, and his Apple Watch 2 got wet as well.

In the meantime, since they were here I made myself clean the glass on the 400g and the Anemone Cube, and after a little while the water got nice and clear. And everything looked HD to me, totally worth the effort.

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