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fragging question

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i was fragging a bunch of my corals for my friend and seemed to have come across a problem. how do you frag corals that have attached to your rock if you don't want to destroy your rock structure? obviously fragging acro is easy because you can just snip pieces of it off and zoanthids can just be scrapped off. i have a rainbow monti and verrucosa that are both about 6" x 8" and are attached to different rocks and about 6 colonies of acan that the base structures have grown into the rocks. without completely dismantling my rock work, how would i go about getting frags of these corals? or am i not really going to be able to do it.

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Updated 08-30-2011 at 04:19 PM by melev

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  1. matt_longview's Avatar
    The acans also grow a skeleton structure that you can sometimes pop off of the rock. It depends on the surface of the rock though. The encrusting montipora... no idea! I think you are stuck on that one.
  2. vrba's Avatar
    Perhaps you could place a frag plug next to the encrusting montipora and allow it to grow onto the plug and then just remove the plug.
  3. Mccoy85's Avatar
    the acan definitely won't pop off of the rock. The frag plug idea is a good idea minus the fact that i then have to wait for it to grow onto the plug.
  4. yiyi67's Avatar
  5. melev's Avatar
    If you can't remove the rock, then the coral is probably not easily shared. If your friend wants corals, give him what you can now, and others later as they encrust onto new pieces of rock or frag plugs you put near the pieces in question.

    If the rock is removable, you can cut off a piece with a dremel and cutting wheel. Or if you have a wet saw, you can slice off a piece, rock and all.
  6. Mccoy85's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by yiyi67
    Only if we do it in your tank