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Sad Day for the 72

by VulcanRider on 01-25-2010 at 06:40 PM
So after finishing up some Gears Of War, I headed to the tanks to feed them. Drop some food in and I am slowly realizing that there is no yellow object darting around. Turned over all of my rock and searched my sump and around the tank, looked all over the house and no Yellow Tang. Three years I had him/her. Sucks. I think the worst part is that I cannot find it. Got that fish from a store on the cheap because it had signs of previous HLLE disease. It made it through four moves, two tank changes

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Random Thoughts

My New Rio HyperFlow 14 Pump

by VulcanRider on 01-08-2010 at 10:13 AM
The Plan
So in the fight against ConEd and their .33 cents per kilowatt policy, I decided to stop using my sump as the main source of display tank flow and remove the Mag9 that was in there.

The Victory
The Mag is listed as using 93 watts of power...welllll, WRONG, more like 124 watts. I have been using a device made by Ryobi, purchased at Home Depot, and it does the same job of the Kill-A-Watt device at half the cost. I hope that half the cost don't mean crappy readings.

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New Refugium Bulb

by VulcanRider on 01-07-2010 at 09:20 AM
So I bought my tank another Christmas gift yesterday. Went to Home Depot and bought a new fuge light for my new bag of cheato. I am taking down the Algae Turf Scrubber because I don't like cleaning it, its a slight bit loud and it creates a small amount of salt spray. Also in my particular case I am not seeing as many fuge buddy's as I did the last time I used cheato. I will say that for me the ATS worked but you must be on top it in terms of it's maintenance. As for the bulb, it's a EcoSmart Par38

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VulcanRider's 72 Gallon Mixed "Eco-Friendly" Reef

by VulcanRider on 01-03-2010 at 08:33 AM
Happy New Year everyone! My name is George and here are a few pics of our 72 Bow that we have had for about 3 years now. My girlfriend and I started this tank circa 2006. To me the tank is a mess because I could never determine how to set it up. I guess that's the beauty of our hobby. After some recent information collecting, I have decided to go with a mix of pillar and rock pile landscaping, natural filtration done with cheato and ulva in the sump, as well as going with the mostly softy tank,

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