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    42 Gallon Hex build

    Here are some more photo's with the canopy assembled and the side panels stained. If you look inside at the bottom inner frame you can see that it slopes down towad the inside of the tank. Also in a...

    07-03-2015 09:15 PM

    Happy Fourth of July!

    I snapped a few pictures today. Here's a view from the end of the 400g. The left end is looking nicer but I need to tidy it up. The skunk clownfish are still grouped, but during the...

    Yesterday 06:51 PM

    42 Gallon Hex build

    Below are photo's of the parts for the stand. It is similar to the canopy in that has a inner frame which is actually the stand holding the tank. The back panel is a cabinet with 2 doors. One on each...

    Today 05:18 AM

    My 40g breeder "upgrade"

    I've been reefkeeping for about 25 years, and in that time I've gone from a 20 long, a 45 tall, and now a 135. When I got the larger tank (for a steal), I was super excited. I finely had the size I...

    Today 11:41 AM

    42 Gallon Hex build

    The first photo is the top inner frame parts of the stand. It has been notched with the router for the six post. The inner sides of the post have been trimmed to make room for a wider sump. It can be...

    Today 06:40 PM
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    42 Gallon Hex build

    Looking forward to this; hex tanks are so unique and I love watching tanks/tank parts being built from the ground up

    gettareef 06-28-2015 10:10 PM Go to last post

    42 Gallon Hex build

    Thanks, I will try and add some more photos today.

    n2585722 06-28-2015 10:10 PM Go to last post
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