For the cost of a frag or a single visit by your LFS rep, we offer mentoring to help you get your tank back on track... Whether you are new to the hobby and just need things clarified, or you've got experience but are struggling to find solutions, we're here to help.

Mentoring provides one-on-one assistance for your tank's issues, via phone, email, chat - your choice. You are paying for this assistance, and thus become top priority.

We realize there are many places to get assistance for free, and we can appreciate that. At the same time, if you want solid help here and now, we are prepared to give you that necessary assistance.

With over 12 years experience in the hobby, Marc Levenson has been helping people via online forums, his own site and his podcast. He's attended multiple national conferences and club events, met up with hundreds of vendors, and stays in tune with the industry as it continues to evolve. Speaking to clubs across the nation, he uses a no-nonsense approach to overcome issues that arose in his own tanks as well as in others.

To guarantee that you will get the full attention you deserve, we limit mentoring to a small group of people. If you are interested, send a PM to melev here on or email to

$35 for 3 days (ie: single incident); $50 - two weeks, $85 - a month.

Please provide the following information:
Phone number:
Tank water parameters currently:
Equipment in use:
Lighting & reflectors:
Type of livestock:
Maintenance routine: (ie: how often do you: test water, water changes, clean equipment)
Specific problem in a couple of sentences:
Additional thoughts:

Keep in mind that not all problems can be resolved quickly, and some time may be required to turn things around. Patience is more than a virtue, because "Nothing good ever happens fast in a reef tank."

Disclaimer - Our top priority is the health of your livestock, and any advice given will be done to improve conditions in your reef tank, with the caveat that we can't guarantee every possible scenario due to miscommunication or a lack of getting 'the full picture.' We assume no responsibility by providing such assistance, and have only the best of intentions. To avoid abuse of our mentoring system, we reserve the right to cancel your mentorship at any time; a refund may or may not be granted and is at our sole discretion.