• Rod's Food - New Flavor Promises Results

    It's so simple, one has to wonder why no-one had thought of this before. Rod's Food is known for a variety of flavors, offering nutrition for tiny mouths all the way up to predator-size fish. Speaking to him recently, I found out that he's got a new blend coming out and this one will make every reefkeeper happy. What he's done is collected up all the known reef pests, carefully determined ideal ratios and created a new line that will help eliminate them once and for all. Here are some of the known ingredients:

    Red Planaria, Montipora-eating nudibranchs, Sundial snails, Acropora-eating flatworms, aeolids, zoanthid spiders, red bugs, bobbit worms, aiptasia, acropora spiders, Texas Trash Palythoas, Vermetid snails, manjano anemones, whelks, parasitic isopods, flukes, cryptocaryon irritans, xanthid crabs, blue-eyed coral crabs, pyramidellid snails, Onene fulgida & mollusc-eating flatworms.

    It's easy to use. Thaw out a small portion in some tank water, and pour it in. Don't rinse it because you'll waste some key ingredients. Use this food instead of the normal fare, and the fish will literally develop a taste for these parasitic creatures. If you stick to this method daily and only offer this diet for no less than 90 days, the fish in your reef will seek out and eliminate every pest permanently. That's awesome! Once the tank is cleaned up, you can resume using the other popular flavors like Original, Krill+, Fish Eggs, Herbivore, Predator, Pacific Plankton, Fish Only, Coral, and Seaweed.

    The production run has begun and the Pest-Flavored mix will be available at your LFS in the frozen food section. If you don't see it, be sure to ask for it. Priced at $14 a package, everyone will be clamoring to get some. Remember, you have to get three-months' worth for this to work. To me, that's a no brainer.

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      evoXmr -
      I wish this were true!
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      melev -
      April fools! Hope you liked the joke.
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      Muttley000 -
      Lol, dint realize the post was that old, but by half way through it was obviously a joke!