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  1. Fish jumping out of tank

    Hi I have a 60 gallon tank which I recently removed the glass lid as I read this is better for the tank. Now I have fish jumping out.

    Is there any benefit to not having a glass top on my tank? should I just put I back on?

    Im currently sing an Ecotec radion o and its approximately 8 inches above the tank.
  2. Mojano infestation problem

    I have a major infestation of mojanos and am looking to find a fish that will eat these things. Anyone have any recommendations? If I can't resolve this with fish I will be forced to tear my tank apart and start over which I really don't want to do. Ain't nobody got time for that! Any feedback is much appreciated.
    Thanks, Greg
  3. Help to start my reef Tank in a good way

    Hello Reefadicts.

    My name is Pedro and I am starting in this amazing world of reef tanks. I have previous experience with fresh water aquariums, but I want to change to saltwater!
    I am doing a new Tank for my house in Madrid and I would appreciate to know your oppinion if the equipment that I am considering are correct or I should consider some other options . Even more, if I am considering some equipment that are not needed, please tell me.
    The aquarium will have the following ...
  4. All Sorts of Dosing Questions

    Marc and any of you that can help,

    I have been dosing for about a year now using 2part, and dosing alk and cal unevenly. I seem to be dosing much more alk...I dose about 2.5oz of alk daily, and maybe dose calcium once per week if even that. It seems my alk drops daily where calcium drops at a much slower rate. Would you suggest I begin dosing in equal volumes of alk and cal daily? Would I then dose 2.5oz alk and 2.5 cal? I didn't dose in equal amounts as I believed this would increase ...
  5. Need help identifing this type of algae and how to resolve please

    I have this algae that I have been trying to fight for a few months. I have tried to do the lights out for 3 days and all of my parameters are almost dead on with acception of my calcium thats at 450. I am running carbon and my phosophates are at 0.0.
    Now the algea is starting to grow on my corals and is starting to break off and float around the tank. I need help and hope that anyone here could help me identify this kind of algae. I am running radion pros that come on at 1 pm and turn off ...
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