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  1. Reef Addicts

    Soooo... we're done here? Marc? Hello? Anyone?
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  2. 2004 to now

    Here's a March picture of my main reef aquarium every year since 2004. Sorry about the formatting, not every image is the same size pixel-wise.




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  3. Lux app for cell phones

    I found a lux meter app for my phone and was very curious to see the lux reading under my Atlantik lights at 100% intensity.At the water surface(so scared I was going to drop the phone in the tank!) I measured 57000 and change under the left and right v1 units and 46000 and change under the center v2.1b unit. Interestingly at least for me that coincides with slower coral growth in the center of the tank. Coral color appears equal to my eyes. Hmm what does the sunlight outside measure? Right now, ...
  4. MACNA Schwag items

    One part of MACNA that I know everyone loves is getting freebies from the various vendors. I think it's in our inherent nature to acquire stuff that didn't cost a dime, hauling our score back to the hotel room and eventually home. Being a vendor myself, I'm aware of these expenditures through research of what I might be able to dole out myself to visitors of my booth. I can assure you it isn't cheap, from the point of ordering the product to getting it to the show, paying union workers to place ...

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  5. Melev

    I was watching a couple vids on the Orphek site and I noticed Marc and his booth in one and his booth in the background of a few pics. You definitely get around Marc!
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