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  1. MMoore0324's 50g Acrylic Build

    Hey Reef Addicts,

    So I realized that I joined this site in 2010 and I have a whopping 4 posts... wow! After looking around a bit, I noticed that there hasn't been a ton of activity here for a while. Maybe I can help to get things going again.

    Like many of you I'm sure, I've been following Marc for many years and last month I decided that I wanted to try my hand at acrylic fabrication. I sent Marc a message on Facebook and to my surprise he responded a day ...
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  2. Introducing new fish into an existing set up

    It is always a challenge to add new fish to an established reef, primarily because of territorial issues. Each fish in the tank has already picked out their favorite haunt, and they are not prepared to share space with a newcomer. As hobbyists, we always try to come up with ways that might work: dump them in and pray, add them after lights out, introduce many at once (shock and awe), or put them in a section divided off from the rest of the reef.

    Several years ago, a friend of mine ...

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  3. My superman nano tank.

    I thought I'd share how I built my nano tank for my daughter. This was originally going to be a seahorse tank but I found out later it was too short.

    1st I laid out the design I wanted, I wanted something different to show off some acrylic skills.

    2nd I made a cardboard template so when I bent the acrylic I could make sure the 1 piece side was correct.


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  4. Help!!

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ID:	3680So I filled my 75gal acrylic up to make sure there were no leaks and there are none but it bulges out a lot IMO is this normal?
  5. DIY - Carbon Filtering Skimmer Lid LOTS OF PICS

    Hello everyone, hope you've all had a happy new year !

    I as I'm sure many others do have my tank setup in my bedroom, and sometimes the smell of the rotting goo in the protein skimmer collection cup creates quite a funk that has been getting quite noticeable in my room

    This clearly needed fixing, and after a bit of research I happened upon a few prebuilt skimmer lids with carbon chambers to filter the air and absorb the smell from the skimmate. But I couldn't ...
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